M. Bryan Monta
North Carolina License #2048.  All work is guaranteed!


Brevard Lock & Key offers full mobile locksmith services in Transylvania and surrounding counties including the communities of Brevard, Pisgah Forest, Penrose, Cedar Mountain, Rosman, Balsam Grove, Lake Toxaway, Sapphire and Cashiers. 

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Brevard Home Watch Services:

Call Kathryn at 828-577-6810
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For peace of mind, use a trained professional to protect your valuable investment until you return because:

  • Pipes Break
  • Burglary or Vandalism
  • Animal/Pest Infestation
  • Weather Related Damage


  • Trained as a Home Inspector
  • North Carolina Licensed Locksmith – License # 2048
  • Qualified with Police and FBI Background Checks
  • Background in Construction and Home Remodeling

Brevard Home Watch Services offers:


  • Regular visits to your home including checks of every room
  • Visual inspection of the walls, ceilings, window sills and skylights for water leaks
  • Checks under sinks, toilets and water heater for leaks
  • Inspection of home interior for any signs of mold, mildew or unusual odors
  • Check for insect or rodent infestation
  • Check that all windows and doors are locked and secure
  • Check heater and AC for appropriate temperature settings and proper operation
  • Check electrical panel for tripped breakers
  • Reset alarm system if applicable
  • Check dehumidifiers for proper operation


  • Walk around home and check for weather damage, burglery, or vandalism
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Visually inspect roofs and gutters
  • Move mail, flyers or door hangers as well as packages inside
  • Check yard condition and note if service companies are not performing satisfactorily
  • Remove debris from driveway, walkway and entry way

You will receive an email report of every visit and a phone call if there are any problems.  Other services can be customized to meet your needs.

“I operated Brevard Lock & Key and Brevard Home Watch Services for over 7 years. Brevard Home Watch served over 30 satisfied clients in Connestee Falls. I sold both businesses to a wonderful couple from Brevard and provided them with extensive training in both locksmith work as well as home watch procedures.

Bryan Monta and his wife, Kathryn Parker are of the highest character and integrity and I trust them completely. Bad things can happen to your home in your absence. If you would like to have someone periodically check on your home while you are away, I highly recommend you check out the services they provide. For home watch services call Kathryn at 828-577-6810. If you need a licensed locksmith, call Bryan at 828-577-2260.”  - A. Heath Whittle, former owner of Brevard Lock and Key and Brevard Home Watch Services